Notes from Bureau V and its friends.

In Full Support

Bureau V fully supports Stella Lee in coming forward with her experience of sexual harassment. We hope that her story and those of her colleagues help to advance women’s rights in the workplace and beyond.


the team at Bureau V

New Yorker Cartoons


The New Yorker featured a cartoon of composer John Corigliano surrounded by our design of National Sawdust. Bureau V's Peter Zuspan first encountered Corigliano's work at age 15, when he was a soloist for a performance of "Fern Hill", his choral arrangement of Dylan Thomas's poem. Corigliano celebrates his 80th birthday at National Sawdust.

Illustration by Lorenzo Gritti

MINI LIVING / Bureau V Urban Cabin opens at A/D/O


Please join us Thursday evening, October 5, 2017 from 6pm-8pm at ADO for the opening of the MINI LIVING Urban Cabin, a collaboration between MINI LIVING and Bureau V.

Bureau V’s contribution to the Urban Cabin includes two extensions, which operate as both functional additions as well as forms of absurdist protest—addressing the meaning of the NYC home in our current political climate.


Bureau V's Peter Zuspan at A/D/O

Join A/D/O at its in-house restaurant, Norman, as it launches its new brunch series Co-Constructing: Architecture for the Arts. Each brunch partners an architect responsible for designing a notable arts space with an artist currently working/performing within that space in an effort to explore the impact of the building on the artist's practice.

A/D/O kicks off the series with a discussion of National Sawdust with Bureau V's Peter Zuspan and Sugar Vendil, a pianist, multidisciplinary artist, and current National Sawdust artist in residence.

If you'd like to attend, please RSVP at