Notes from Bureau V and its friends.

Peter Zuspan in the Columbia Spectator

Peter Zuspan writes about space for the Columbia Spectator:

Redefining boundaries
Columbia could offer ways to rethink space, to rethink its use, and to turn compression into a virtue.

I have a hard time discussing the Internet in my courses. I teach architecture, and not since the printing press has architecture and space suffered such a strong blow to its cultural relevance. I am young enough not to be a Luddite, but I am constantly reminded by a new crew of unquestioning supporters every year that I practice an art that is viewed as perhaps old-fashioned or even unnecessary. Its challenger is not an invention, per se. It is not a thing. It is basically interconnectedness. (Even the words to describe it seem so awkward and obvious that they almost evade criticism.)

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Bureau V's drawings will be featured in the upcoming Spring issue of K48.