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Installation view of Sin by Anna-Sophie Berger, the inaugural exhibitions at JTT's new home in Tribeca, New York, designed by Bureau V Architecture.

JTT Gallery Opens in Tribeca

May 12, 2022

Bureau V Architecture has designed the home for the gallery JTT. Inaugural exhibitions include Sin by Anna-Sophie Berger, running from May 13 - June 18, 2022, and Mischief by Sam McKinniss, running from May 18 - June 18, 2022.

JTT opened in March of 2012 at 170 Suffolk Street and moved to its second location at 191 Chrystie Street in the Fall of 2016. JTT reopened in May of 2022 at its current location at 390 Broadway.

JTT current artists include Anna-Sophie Berger , Elaine Cameron-Weir, Doreen Garner, Charles Harlan, James Yaya Hough, Becky Kolsrud, Sam Mckinniss, Marlon Mullen, [Borna Sammak]( "Borna Sammak", Diane Simpson, Sable Elyse Smith, Bill Walton, Issy Wood, and Damon Zucconi.

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