<a href="/national-sawdust">National Sawdust</a>

National Sawdust

Opening in the fall of 2015, the National Sawdust is a resource for young musicians and composers of new classical, jazz and experimental music to perform and record their work. Currently under construction in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, National Sawdust houses an acoustically-driven chamber music hall consisting of a double-height space with surrounding balcony that will seat approximately 200 patrons. Conceived as a facetted jewel set within the rough brick envelope of a former sawdust factory, the venue seeks to combine the historic European concert hall model with the late barebones blackbox model, where the crafted beauty of the former meets the experimental programming and roughness of the latter.

<a href="/eye-to-eye">Eye to Eye</a>

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye was a live performance at the Guggenheim Museum, in collaboration with the art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus. Using a laptop, 2 digital sequencers, and an electronic drumset, we produced an improvisational sound-scape of rhythmic, operatic, and abstract effects that provided the sonic environment for a live light-show and a crowd of masked dancers.

<a href="/romoca">RoMoCA</a>


Rockaway Museum of Contemporary Art (RoMoCA) is a minimal impact, adaptive-reuse project for the twin casements of Fort Tilden’s Battery Harris in the Rockaways as a seasonal museum and community space.

<a href="/deliverables">Deliverables</a>


In tandem with the studio’s architectural work, Bureau V produces original drawing compositions for many of our project. This series of drawings is an ongoing experiment, seeking to find new values for the architectural deliverable outside the functions of presentation and construction. Each drawing is an original document created through processes such as computer-generated graphics, hand drawing, applique, paint, and collage. 

<a href="/hem-of-the-forest">Hem of the Forest</a>

Hem of the Forest

Commissioned by the Fundado o Instituto Cultural Inhotim, Hem of the Forest is a site-specific sound installation and performance produced in collaboration with musician Arto Lindsay sited on the edge of the Brazilian forest.