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A collection of writings, publications, public lectures, panel discussions, and other presentations by Bureau V and its team.

"The Nuclear Encounter Imparative," essay by Peter Zuspan, Fresh Meat Journal, Issue 10, Spring 2019.

“The Nuclear Imagination,” lecture by Peter Zuspan, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY 2018.

“Playing Spaces,” lecture & panel discussion with Peter Zuspan, Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, NY 2018.

“Co-Constructing: Architecture for the Arts,” panel discussion with Peter Zuspan and musician Sugar Vendil, A/D/O, New York, NY 2017.

“Strange Bedfellows: Real Estate, the Arts & the Value of Space,” panel discussion organized by Peter Zuspan, Van Alen Institute, New York, NY 2016.

“Digestible Space, Immersive Memes, and Casual Wonder: a Glossary for Virtual Reality,” lecture by Peter Zuspan, Southeastern College Art Conference, Roanoke, VA 2016.

“Darkness and Architecture: the Sneaky,” lecture, Syracuse University School of Architecture, Syracuse, New York, 2014.

[Current Work], lecture by Peter Zuspan, Barnard / Columbia College, New York, 2014.

“What MOCA Can Do,” panel discussion with Peter Zuspan in conjunction with New Museum’s Idea City, New York, 2012.

“Have you Kicked a Building Lately?,” panel discussion with Peter Zuspan, Performa, Cooper Union, New York, 2010.

“Mannerism and Transparency,” lecture by Peter Zuspan, Florida International University School of Architecture, Miami, FL, 2009.

“Design Technology: Catalyst for Creativity,” panel discussion with Peter Zuspan, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY, 2008.

“Easy, Fat, Building,” an interview with Erwin Wurm by Peter Zuspan. Museo Magazine, v. 10, Fall 2008.

“A Mannerist Transparency: Architecture, Distraction, and Tabloid,” by Peter Zuspan. Museo Magazine, v. 8, Winter 2008.

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